Girl's Revenge

2020 HD 1h 21m 3

At a birthday party, a sex video is filmed without consent and Ren Li-cha is the girl in the video. The clip circulates among the students and Li-cha is mocked and bullied as a result. Wu Yun-heng, a transfer student, went to the party with Li-cha. As she cannot stand how much Li-cha is suffering' she is determined to find out about the truth behind the incident, fighting for her best friend. However, as she gets closer to the truth, she is about to shatter the peace in school.....

Director: Weica Wang

Género: Drama

Actores: Alex Shu-Yuan Ko, Chang-Ying Hsieh, Chu-Ping Liu, Edison Song, Heaven Hai, Mike Lin, Moon Li, Shiny Yao, Tao Chuang Cheng, Teng-Hung Hsia, Yi-Fan Hsu, Yi-Ruei Chen


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